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Quintara® Version 1.9-T is now available.

Quintara® software from Brilliant Systems is the only commercial full-featured web-based e-mail and personal productivity server solution running natively on HP OpenVMS. Quintara allows existing OpenVMS systems to be used as powerful and secure web-based e-mail servers, extending e-mail access to users globally. It's e-mail made Brilliantly Simple®!

Quintara® Secure Server, powered by Quintara®, is a pre-packaged web-based e-mail server solution providing reliable e-mail messaging services from virtually any web browser client with Internet access. Quintara Secure Server was developed by Brilliant Systems and is available on HP Integrity systems. Quintara software can also be installed on HP Alphaserver systems.

Quintara Secure Server is a complete turn-key packaged system that provides e-mail services, integrated virus scanning powered by Sophos, and spam filtering features, together with the required server hardware and operating system, all in one box.

Initial setup and configuration is easy, and only takes a few minutes. Go from shipping carton to online and running with minimal hassle and maxmimum benefits!

Quintara and Quintara Secure Server are perfect for many applications where a robust and portable e-mail solution is required, without the burden of complex configurations and lengthy user training. Schools, small business, and public sector environments can benefit from a Quintara solution.

Using the link provided below, you can sign up for a free account on, an actual Quintara Secure Server system, and experience for yourself the elegant simplicity and stability Quintara Secure Server offers! You can also browse the Resource sidebar for additional product information.

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